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Here is the home of the Official -EE- Roleplay Sanctum.

Not to be confused with our official site which can be found here.

Here you will find all the information you heart desires about our Official Roleplaying sanctum. Information on what we plan to bring to you in the future, developmental progress, a list of our Roleplaying Commanders, captains, and members, as well as a listed ranking for each of our roleplaying members.

Posted here will also be any Roleplaying events that are happening in the near future.

Thank you for visiting our official Roleplaying site.

If you have any questions or comments, please refer to our forums listed on the link section, or our main guild forums listed here.

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Guild News

EE Roleplaying Division Announcement

sersevsix, Nov 15, 10 4:23 PM.
The EE Roleplaying Division started out as just an idea in my head, something i thought would catch the attention of the community and something i thought would help bring Roleplaying players together, and give them a place to be able to relax unwind and participate in roleplaying without being judged, unless of course, your a rebel(lol). It started off a few weeks ago, with something i thought to myself.

"Theirs alot of guilds out their, they have random roleplaying members in them, but what truely do they offer?"
"Theirs a few Sith guilds for roleplaying, but what do they have to offer to their members? Sith roleplay and what else?"
"Theirs a few Imperial Infantry Guilds for roleplaying but what have they turned into?"
"Theirs not that many guilds that roleplay space, something that is a major aspect of the game, yet very seldomly roleplayed"
"How many guilds out their can do all of this, plus run instances, and basebusts for GCW, as well as Invasions, and PVP?"

The answer in my mind, was very few if not none.

So, what if, i told myself, we brought together all of this, and threw it together in an allready well known guild, that runs instances and invasions and basebusts and pvps. Started with this backbone, and developed a roleplaying division for this allready thriveing guild? The anwser in my mind was, ultimate success. By incorperating roleplaying into a guild thats allready well known, we give ourselves reputation and also the option of not only providing roleplaying, but everything and anything else.

The next part  was chooseing what divisions to have, and i thought to myself that a good number would be three.

"We would have three divisions, a sith themed divison, a space themed division, and an imperial infantry division"

And thus EE Roleplay was born.

Next was one of the hardest things ive had to do in the development of this roleplay...Finding the right people, with the right minds, and leadership skills to hold each division, and develop it, and make it their own, something i could not do alone.

I sat for days recruiting in Mos Eisly, got quite a few applications, and turned down a few, and ended up finding a great group of people that i have been proud to call my development team these past week.

These people were part of the guild to begin with, as well as a few new faces to the guild who joined for the roleplay, and found a much much bigger guild behind the scenes.

I wanted people to make each division their own, something they would live and breathe, and something that would provide a unique experience for each division with a unique touch as well.

And we did just that.

We have had alot of guilds cheering for us to succeed, and a few hopeing that we dont. Well im sorry to say but all you guys and gals and guilds that said we couldent do it, are about to be very disapointed.

Because we have done it, we are tieing up some loose ends in our roleplay and soon it will be live and open to recruitment to everyone.

But first i would like to mention a few people who made this possibly, my friends, my family, my team, and the current members and leaders of our roleplaying division and divisions.

Ser'Sev Six (Guild Roleplaying Cordinator/EE Imperial Roleplaying Administrator/Founder)
Staypuff (Guild Raid Leader/EE Imperial Roleplaying General Officer/Admiral of the Space Division)
Sa'on(Guild Canon Historian/EE Imperial Roleplaying Vice Admiral of Space Division)
Lord-Bigtarr(Guild Elder/EE Imperial Roleplaying High Iquisitor of the Sith Division)
Jadist'(Guild Member/EE Imperial Roleplaying Head Shadow Guard of the Sith Division)
Ormond'(Guild Member/EE Imperial Roleplaying Staff Sergeant/Commander of the Infantry Division)

And to anybody else who provided ideas or thoughts on the roleplay.

My Thanks goes out to all of you, without all of you, this would of never been possible.
Lets tie up these loose ends, and start open recruitment with a bang!

Ser'Sev Six
(Guild Roleplaying Cordinator/EE Imperial Roleplaying Founder/Administrator)

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

sersevsix, Oct 20, 10 9:48 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
So-and-so has logged on!